How To Export your Google Doc to WordPress

Exporting your Google Docs to WordPress with VideoSnack is easy. Please follow the steps below to start using VideoSnack.

Connect your website

From the Export tab please add your website so you can export your first article.

If you have security plugins these usually cause issues with connecting your site and exporting the articles. Small changes might be needed for everything to work smoothly.

Export the article

Select the options you want and click export: SEO links options, image processing, post status, preview.

Site category

These are automatically imported from your WordPress site.

Post title

This is automatically filled in based on the first H1 heading in your Doc. You can edit it as you wish.

Other automated settings

After clicking the export button it may take up to 50 seconds to process your article depending on how large is the article and how many images you have in the article.

Once the article is exported you will see the confirmation screen with the preview link. Please make sure you are logged in to your WP site to preview the article, otherwise, you will get an error.

Does VideoSnack works with the classic editor?


Does VideoSnack works with the Gutenberg editor?


Does VideoSnack works with the Elementor or other visual editor?

It depends, you will to edit the text and image blocks added by VideoSnack.