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Affiliate Program

Promote and earn 30% recurring* commission per sale for 12 months.

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How it works?

Sign up for our affiliate program and share your unique link online.

Create content (articles, blog posts, tweets, videos) where you promote or share your affiliate link with your community (Youtube channel, Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok) and earn from every sale you generate. is a great tool for bloggers, businesses or agenciesΒ  saving countless hours every week to our users working or collaborating in Google Docs.

What we offer?


Why promote

Anyone creating content with Google Docs and publish it with WordPress will save on average 4 hours per week. Thus making it a great addition to any tech stack. Also it’s a great alternative to other software in this space, more affordable and easier to work with.

What is the commission?

We offer 2 tiers:

  1. 30% recurring commissions from the sales you bring for 6 months. If you bring a $29/month customer you will make 30% for as long as the customer will stay for up to 6 months: 8.7/month x 6=52.2.
  2. 10% everything an affiliate you bring makes. So if one affiliate makes $100 you will make $10 as well.Β 

How does it work?

Share your unique link on social media, article, or any piece of content and if someone buys via that link you will get credited with a commission.

We pay the commissions monthly on the 30th of the month for the previous month to make sure we cover any refunds, if any.

We pay the commissions via Paypal, $30 minimum.

The cookie expiration is 30 days, Β to make sure you are rewarded for your work.

Who should become an affiliate?

  • Writing-focused blogs and sites
  • Content marketing-focused sites, forums and communities
  • Freelancers, contractors, and agencies
  • Review sites
  • Youtubers
  • Communities like Facebook groups admins

We don’t accept coupon websites or similar type.

If you have questions or need help please email us at