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Repurpose videos to with AI in Google Docs

Use AI to convert the videos you already made to short format content.

Turn your videos into SEO content

Get more SEO traffic. If you don’t have written content, you’re leaving traffic on the table.

There are people who favor reading rather than watching videos or listening to podcasts. While this may seem unusual, it is essential to broaden the reach of your content.

Additionally, it is important to note that Google’s search algorithm can only interpret text. Therefore, converting your video or podcast script into a blog post is a valuable marketing strategy.

By utilizing VideoSnack, you can effortlessly transform your content into a well-crafted article that is ready for publication on your blog immediately after your primary content is released.

Repurpose any YouTube or Loom video into a blog post by pasting in the link to your video and instantly getting an actionable blog with our video to blog AI tool.

Convert videos to text as summaries, blog posts, interviews, tutorials, reviews, newsletters or shownotes.

How It Works


1. Add your video link from YouTube or Loom and select the options you want and start the conversion.

2. Our AI Tools work in the background to identify key information, remove filler words, and perform other text optimizations.

3. In 60 seconds you have a blog post in your Google Docs ready to be exported or use anywhere you like.

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