Convert Loom

To convert a Loom video you only need to take a few steps. Each conversion uses 5 AI credits.

Step 1

Copy the Loom URL and paste it in the respective field. Please make sure the Loom already has the transcript generated for VideoSnack to work, sometimes it may take a few minutes.

Step 2

Select the options:

Format: blog, interview, summary, tutorial, review, newsletter, show notes. Each format will have a different result.

Tone of voice: depending on the format, you can also change the tone of voice.

Content length: you can let the AI create any number of words, or you can tell it to approximate, a summary will have around 120 words, or you can select a larger number of words, like 700, 1500, or 2500.

Point of view: depending on the video and text format you choose, you can also change the point of view, current, 1st person, or 3rd person.

Target language: you can select over 30 languages to automatically translate the resulted text without any other tool.

Additional instructions: here you can add your own command to the AI.

Step 3

Once you click the Start Conversion button, depending on the size of the transcript, it can take up to 1 minute to generate the text. Please be patient.



videosnack conversion results

The result will be displayed under the conversion button.

The resulted text will be displayed with some HTML tags that can be copied and pasted to different text editors as code to make the text organized from the start.

You can click the Insert Content button to insert the text in the Google Doc, the HTML will be converted to their respective text styles.

The other option is to copy the text and paste it in your CMS, newsletter editor, and so on.

videosnack insert result